Glass bowl Terrarium 5 inches - Mud Forest


Glass bowl Terrarium 5 inches

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Open terrarium with indoor plants, succulents and designer stones, which improves the decor of your home or office space.

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  • The photos are representative only and the actual product that you receive may slightly vary from the photos given above
  • Please note that these are live unique plants, which may be differ in size/shape
  • Being that our product is a living thing, we can’t accept returns or exchanges, nor can we guarantee the life span of your terrarium. However, we do guarantee your terrarium will arrive healthy.
  • If the terrarium is damaged in transit, we will gladly replace the damaged product.

Tips for taking care of your terrariums & succulents

Water –

  • Water once a week only
  • Give 5 ml. purified water for each plant
  • Put water on the roots using a syringe, if possible
  • Do not put water on the moss, if it is present in your terrarium

Lighting & Placement –

  • Do not put in direct sunlight
  • Do not keep directly under a lamp
  • Keep it in a shade having indirect light
  • If possible, keep the terrarium near east, south or west window to get few hours of sunlight
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 cm